Taichung City Cafe - App Design

In order to let more people who love Taichung City cafes, you can find a city coffee in Taichung anytime, anywhere. A person or a group of friends can have a cup of coffee, a chat, a look at the exhibition, and a break in this city full of creative culture. The Taichung City Coffee Guide app is expected to satisfy your desire for urban coffee.




Cafe map

If you want to find a place to sit down and have a coffee in Taichung City, you can check out all the cafes in Taichung City. You can also open the map to find the nearest coffee shop.




Cafe introduction

Open the cafe introduction, in addition to the photos of the cafe, it also provides information such as meals, wifi, pets, discounts, etc., to easily find the cafe you want to go.




Story sharing

In addition to finding a coffee shop, we also collected a lot of stories about coffee and shared it with you.


camera function

There are 3 exclusive coffee photo frames in Taichung City, which can be combined with the camera function of the mobile phone, and can be shared with Facebook, to friends, download and storage space.



Store discount

Share the café cafes that participate in the Taichung City Coffee Café.


Medal collection

Complete the medal collection event through the QR code scan and collect 10 medals to get the coffee shop offer from Taichung City Coffee. The coffee shop offer will be presented as a scratch card, and the scratch card will be used to get the exclusive coffee gift at the designated coffee shop.