Blue Whale - Brand Identity Design


Blue Whale Restaurant is a high-end seafood self-service brand created by Chengdu Xiang'an Catering Group Co., Ltd., which is decorated with popular style and is a stable and generous medium. With a unique product advantage, high quality and standardized service and cost-effective service concept, it provides consumers with a more delicious food experience in line with modern lifestyle.



In the interview with the customer, ICH learned that the customer's planning in the restaurant belongs to the high-end compound buffet, and hopes to bring consumers a sense of enjoyment. In addition, we also refer to the schematic diagram of the restaurant decoration, so that CI design and restaurant real scene have more Integrity, the logo is a new trend and the meaning of the future. The shape of the whale leap symbolizes the breakthrough and the future, and outlines the whales with streamlined lines, metaphorizing the blue-flag whales to adapt to the world trend and create their own New situation